Обогреватель для теплицы

Обогреватель для теплицы

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Winflex white heating film

Ultra flat, flexible, foldable and rollable allows you to heat the temperature of a grow box with minimal bulk.

It works as a long wave infrared radiant panel, it only heats solid structures and does not burn oxygen.

It reproduces the effect of the sun and is favorable to plants.

Created at the base for the Soviet space station "MIR" you can heat a box or a room of 10 to 15m² maximum.

As an indication, it will allow you to maintain a maximum temperature around 18 ° C in a room of 15m².

Winflex white heating film is economical because it has a stabilizer that maintains the temperature at 65 ° on the film surface. After ten seconds, the electricity consumption decreases by 10 to 15%.

Benefits :

Ultra light
Moisture resistant
A simple hook is enough to hang it
Easy to transport and store, folds up on itself
Ultra flat
Don't burn your hands
Winflex quality

Characteristics :

Weight: 200g
White colour
Voltage: 230 V
Lifespan: 10 years
Wattage: 250W
Heating time: 10 sec.
Radiator thickness: 0.12 mm
Dimensions of the unfolded radiator: 60 x 58 cm
You can also hang it on an apartment wall, bathroom, as a decorative space heater.
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